Tsa-sum Tshokhorling

About Us

How did we start?

The solidarity of more than 40 monasteries in pacifying the pandemic and for the eternal world peace.

Kyabjé Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in March 2020, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, initiated protector practices and purification practices in all of his 40 monasteries in Bhutan. He gave instruction, via Zoom meetings for his worldwide students, in Europe, Asia and North America to do many thousands of mantra practices to pacify the pandemic, protect beings and to pray for the victims who died. He made an offering of 100,000 butter lamps at Gantey Monastery in June 2020 for the victims of the pandemic. 

Following from Rinpoches instruction we also started a program on March 19, 2020, to support group practices in Monasteries and Nunneries in Bhutan when the Covid-19 virus was first spreading in the world, to pacify the pandemic and to pray for the beings that died from it, for the peace and ultimate liberation of the victims and for loving compassion and peace for all sentient beings throughout the world. 

In Bhutan these spiritual practices, prayers and offerings of butter lamps made to pacify the disease and support the victims has been made continuously since March 2020. 

Refer the Tsa-sum Note for the detailed explanation of the program.

Refer this document for more details