Tsa-sum Tshokhorling

to pacify the current pandemic...

"Tsa-sum Tshokhorling"

— Lama | Yidam | Dakini —

… for the peace and ultimate liberation of the victims and for loving compassion and peace for all sentient beings throughout the world, we (a group of Practitioners from more than 40 monasteries) bring you the ultimate benefits of gathering the Gaṇacakra feasts.



Kyabjé Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in March 2020, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, initiated protector practices and purification practices in all of his 40 monasteries in Bhutan. He gave instruction, via Zoom meetings for his worldwide students, in Europe, Asia and North America to do many thousands of mantra practices to pacify the pandemic, protect beings and to pray for the victims who died. He made an offering of 100,000 butter lamps at Ganteng Monastery in June 2020 for the victims of the pandemic. 

Following from Rinpoche’s instruction we also started a program on March 19, 2020, to support group practices in Monasteries and Nunneries in Bhutan when the Covid-19 virus was first spreading in the world, to pacify the pandemic and to pray for the beings that died from it, for the peace and ultimate liberation of the victims and for loving compassion and peace for all sentient beings throughout the world. 

In Bhutan these spiritual practices, prayers and offerings of butter lamps made to pacify the disease and support the victims has been made continuously since March 2020. 

Programs in all 40 Monasteries in Bhutan

Guru Padmasambhava
(Conducted monthly)
Dakini Tshokhors
(Conducted monthly)
Protectors' Practice
(Conducted on auspicious days of the month)
Other Practices
(Conducted on auspicious days of the month)

Benefits of Ganacakra Feast

"Amongst the accumulations of merit, gaṇacakra is supreme. All one's wishes for this life will be accomplished, Negative forces and obstacles will be pacified. In the next, in the realm of the victorious vidyādharas, One will reach the level of Samantabhadra."
The Vajra-net
Dorji Drawa by Trulku Garab Dorji
"Amongst all the conditioned virtues, there is no greater merit than gathering the gaṇacakra. Gathering the gaṇacakra once, one will be liberated from the age of famine. Gathering the gaṇacakra twice, one will become a universal monarch of the thousand-fold universe. Gathering the gaṇacakra thrice, one will attain the supreme and ordinary siddhis. Gathering the gaṇacakra for a fourth time, attaining the stages of the herukas, one will spontaneously accomplish the twofold benefit, And one will travel unobstructedly to the buddha-fields. Thus the benefits are immeasurable! "

Monasteries in Bhutan

International Centers

Ganacakra Feast - Words from
the Protectors and Realized Scholars

"Abundant happiness, Freedom from disease, a virtuous mind, [All] wishes will be fulfilled and final release will be attained. Thus abundant siddhis will be gathered."
"Its excellent benefits are as follows: The accumulations of merit and wisdom will be perfected, All transgressions of the samayas will be restored, Assemblies of ḍākas and ḍākinīs will come and gather in the places of the practitioners and accomplish the activities, The masters and the gathering of the deities of the maṇḍala will be delighted, The ocean of samaya-bound guardians will guard and protect you, Your current life will be long, without disease, You will enjoy renown and a vast gathering of helpers and enjoyments."

Support our practitioners

Sponsoring the offering of Ganachakra Tsokhor will bring merit and the fulfilment of your wishes. 

Especially at this time of Covid-19 Pandemic with over 95 million people sick and over 2 million dying from it, our prayers and dedication of merit will bring powerful purification, protection from sickness and great benefit to all beings.